Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Ten days and counting

In ten days time Father Christmas will have been, fingers crossed!,
the lounge will be full of wrapping paper, the children will be playing with their new toys and Mr D and I will breathe a sigh of relief that xmas is nearly over!!!

That sounds terrible I know but right now I'm feeling just a little stressed. Apart from getting the tree up at the weekend little else was achieved. I spent most of the time recovering from mastitis, and then when the boiler broke Sunday afternoon leaving us with no heat or hot water until yesterday evening, the weekend was written off as a disaster!

But something strange happened yesterday afternoon I found myself with 2 sleeping children at the same time in the day, and with J at preschool it meant I finally got a chance to finish sewing on the binding on E's mini quilts.

So with two presents done does this mean I will get my sister's present sewn in time for xmas............
maybe, miracle's can happen!

Right now we're of to school to meet J's "new" teacher, sorry I mean "supply" teacher and he hasn't even started school yet, did I mention that I was stressed!
Oh well at least the sun is shinning!!!!


  1. You have to make the best of those moments when they sleep don't you. I love your mini quilts.

  2. your mini quilts are so sweet, i really love the pink one!