Wednesday, 16 January 2013

2013 & Decisions!

Happy belated New Year, I'm sure most of you are just like me, and are only just getting back into the swing of the everyday routine! We had a lovely Christmas, and though I always feel sad when the holidays come to an end, I do {the majority of the time} enjoy getting back into a routine. And this year 2013 things are a little different as my youngest is now spending more time at pre-school, which frees up my mornings or so I thought. I can't believe how quickly I seem to have filled up my 'free' time, but what I 'want' to do is fill up some of the time with sewing for 'a crafty hen' so I can take some of the pressure off myself, and not spend every evening sewing past 10 at night. I also have decisions to make regarding work, especially about where my online shops are going, how much wholesale I can take on and also about keeping customers informed and engaged. 

Which leads to my first announcement!!
I have decided to start another blog. I have been mulling this around for some time, I've been wanting to blog about my work and what I am up to, though are conscious that many of my readers stop by for posts about my family and personal things, thrifting and sewing more for myself and family, and wouldn't want to constantly see baby bibs and hear about 'a crafty hen'. I maybe wrong and please anyone who would like to see what I am sewing everyday please pop by my new blog! I also wasn't sure whether I wanted customers to read about my personal life to the extent that I have displayed it here. So I have decided that seeing as I started this blog up to follow myself and my family in our everyday lives that is what this will stay as and I will try and keep it up to date. So with decision made, I have joined Tumblr. It feels at the moment quite alien to me and I wonder if I am not young enough or hip enough to quite get the spirit of it. Tumblr is for snippets of life, a photo here, a comment there! It reminds me a little of Twitter, which I love so I am hoping it will suit. I hope to share regularly photos of current work, new fabrics as well as things I am loving on folksy and etsy and other things like what I listen to while I work or even think about whilst I work!
So here it is!

I have started January as December finished, very busy and are working on another batch of bibs, blankets and lavender raindrops to be sent to the Pop Up Design shop in Winchester, as well as a handful of commissions. I haven't yet opened all my online shops back up, though are hoping to soon.
I have also made a decision to start up a newsletter, to keep followers up to date on current work, what's in the pipe line, to offer special promotions and to try and link my three shops together as some items only ever appear in one shop. So I thought it would be good if I do a monthly newsletter highlighting special items, and one offs, so please if any of you would like to receive this please sign up by entering your email address in the box top right and follow the instructions!
Right that's enough news for now, I have a pile of bibs that need press studs hammering into them, so best go!