Thursday, 24 December 2009

Last minute

Never again, is what I'm saying to myself, though I know I'll probably be the same next year!

With the boys out fetching the turkey and the potatoes that I forgot in the shopping!
I've finally had the chance to finish my sister's present, and I'm really happy with the bag, in fact so happy that I've decided (in the new year of course!) to make myself one out of the fabric I have left.

Apart from some last minute wrapping I think we're finally prepared!!
Not sure how the boys are going to make it through the night as they are so excited especially J the 4 year old.
We must not J said, forget the beer (his words) and mince pie for Father Christmas and the carrot and water for the reindeer.
He would of course have it all ready for them now if we let him!!

A Happy Christmas to you all, keep warm, stay merry,
and I hope it's everything you wished for.

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  1. I am totally in love with the bag! Thank you so much xx