Tuesday, 1 December 2009

A little sewing

I've finally finished sewing the binding on my first ever quilt!
And I feel quite proud. I've made mistakes which annoy me, but I have to keep reminding myself that as long as I learn from them, it doesn't matter.

I must slow down.
I got so carried away choosing the fabrics and making up the blocks that I didn't keep an eye on how straight I was doing the cutting or the sewing. It wasn't until I pieced the quilt top together that I realized just how wonky some of it was which made the quilting in the ditch more difficult than it should have been.
Don't look to closely!!

I struggle to draw in a straight line, let alone cut a straight line and even with a rotary blade and ruler I seem to have gone all wonky.
Practice makes perfect and I already have lots of ideas for my next quilt.

The quilt measures 22 x 27 and it was a great way of using up some Amy Butler scraps I had left over from another project and mixing them with some thrifted fabric. The backing is a part of a duvet cover that I picked up from a charity shop.
It's very satisfying to recycle material and to bring new life into something that somebody else no longer wants.
And as for the new owner, well she seems quite happy with it, faults and all!!


  1. hey that's fab!! and don't worry about the wonkiness (which I can't really see), once it's washed a few times and nicely crinkled, you won't see it anymore!!

    (adorable little girl there too...)

  2. We are very impressed with the way you have taken to all this sewing! When are you going to make us a full sized quilt for our bed?