Monday, 2 September 2013

Hanging on to Summer

Days spent exploring new Cornish coves, splashing in the sea, rock-pooling, and finding our first ever starfish. 
Evenings spent cooking outdoors, staying up late and watching the sun set.

Its been a good summer, and one we're all going to miss. Though as school beckons and the countdown really begins (boys go back to school on Friday, yes a 'Friday'), there is no denying that Autumn is here. It shows itself in the cooler mornings, the darker evenings and the hedgerows full of blackberries. Like many children I use to yearn for the summer, the longer days, endless sunshine but as I've got older I have begun to really enjoy the changing seasons, Spring full of expectations and Autumn full of colour, glorious light and the slowing down. So as we begin to wave a sad goodbye to what has been a very 'sunny' summer, there is already a part of me that is ready to embrace the next period of the year.