Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Taking Time Out

I was so excited when I got back from the fair on Saturday to see that my copy of  Molly Makes had arrived. I first read about this new handmade living magazine on twitter and had high expectations and so far I have not been disappointed.

Sitting there Saturday evening, flickering through this gorgeous magazine which is packed with lovely photos, inspiring articles and things that I want to make was just what I needed to help me relax. Such perfect timing as I had given myself Saturday night off from sewing!!

My photos do not do this attractive magazine justice and with contributors like Dotty Angel, Fine Little Day and Lola Nova you know that it's going to be high quality it reads like a best ever blog list.

Like many of us I had high hopes for Sew Hip which started so well but has never really recovered from losing Manda from treefall design as Editor so I do think there is a place for magazines like this. Even with most of us following blogs which are great inspiring reads I do love to buy and hold a paper magazine. 

Even Mr D has picked this magazine up and commented on how well it is put together. There is a great mix of things to make, ideas for sewing, places to go, but it is the articles of people's homes that interest me the most. It has come at a time when I really need to rethink my work space and try and organise it so I can be better prepared and more productive, so pictures like the one above and below have given me loads of ideas on how I can go about achieving my goal. Wouldn't you just love a space like Zee Longenecker's workspace below!

There is a very reasonable offer on at the moment 3 issues for £5 which is a great way of trying this magazine out at very little cost. And believe me you will be left wanting more. I am so pleased that this is a monthly magazine, I am already counting the days until the next issues comes through my door!

Friday, 6 May 2011

Here We Go!

Well I'm all packed up and as ready as I'll ever be for my second fair tomorrow. 

I'm surprisingly more nervous about tomorrow than I was about the first fair I did a month ago and I feel some what less organised largely down to all the holidays and short weeks the boys have been having lately. When I agreed to do to this fair I completely forgot about the Easter holidays and no school/pre-school means I get very little sewing time so the last few days whilst they have been back at their various places I have been sewing like crazy!

I haven't finished all the projects I had hoped to have completed and some have been shelved for another time! But I have managed to get a couple of tea cosies sewn up one in a gorgeous retro tea time print and one out of some vintage fabric out of my stash. I've also made some mini bunting that looked so perfect on my daughters shelving that I'm almost tempted to not take it to the fair!

As I type this, the photos are starting to appear blurred so I think it must be time to get some well earned sleep, well after I've finished hand writing the last of my labels for my bibs. I must look into a better way of doing my care labels! I can only hope that the rain that is pelting down now eases off tomorrow otherwise there won't be a single sole at the fair!! Never mind!
Right now I'm actually looking forward to an evening tomorrow doing 
No sewing!