Saturday, 19 December 2009

Festive Cheer

This is it, the xmas spirit has arrived - well nearly!
No more grumbling, no more visitors - yes they have all been and gone!
Christmas cards have all been sent, decorations are all up and snow is falling.
Pre-school has finished, J's first round of "education" is over,
and D has only 3 more days of work
I must stop worrying about J starting school
and start enjoying this festive time.

There's wrapping to be done last minute presents to be bought,
sewing projects to be finished,
Hot toddies to be drunk and mince pies to be eaten!
I want to stop saying every couple of minutes
"leave your brother alone"
"remember Father Christmas is watching you" !
And to start getting excited like the boys.
So I'm off to have fun in the snow.

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