Thursday, 3 December 2009

Loving the ducks but need to return to the blues!

One of my favorite past times is selecting fabrics for my next project. And today has been no exception. The completion of my first quilt its a great reason to empty my fabric cupboard out and stare and admire (sad I know) my fabric stash.
I'm pretending my UFOs aren't piling up on my sewing table and have already selected a quilt pattern from Amy Butler's "Little stitches for little ones" for my next quilt project.
It calls for 4 different prints for the quilt front and as its going to be a play quilt for my little girl I've selected these 3 prints by Lizzy House from her "Red Letter Day" collection.
As for the fourth, well I can't decide. I like using brown with pink and love both Kei honeycomb in cocoa and Jennifer Moore Monaluna Circles in Espresso but I can't find them on a UK fabric site.

It can be frustrating trying to find fabric in the UK. There are some good online sites that do stock a good range of fabrics like Carolyn Gavin's Wild Thyme but very rarely do they seem to stock a full range of one collection and then there's the wait for the new collections to arrive in the UK. I have only ordered once from the US and was really pleased with both the fabrics and the service but naively forgot about custom charges and got stung quite heavily!
I must be brave and try again!!

Whenever I start pulling out my fabric I immediately get drawn to my pile of blue and green prints quickly followed by my browns. This I guess is my comfort zone and however much I'm looking forward to cutting up those ducks! I can't wait to get back to the blues!

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  1. you've got some lovely fabrics, i love the red letter day ones, i made my little ones a playmat using them too, but i did go for the greens & blues!