Sunday, 20 February 2011

Was that a glimpse of Spring?

I do believe it was!!
We have had a gorgeous spring weekend that has shown us a little of what is to come!

It's been the most perfect weekend to go exploring a spring bulb garden.

At varying paces!

Even the frogs had a spring in their hop!

Today's outing has almost been so perfect that I will just about forgive the fact that it is now pouring down and the forecast for the next five days of half term week is rain. 
Almost forgive I say but not quite!
Come back Spring!

Friday, 11 February 2011

Wait For Me!

I can't believe we are already in February,
February, where did January go? 
And yet in a weeks time it'll be half term and then March. 
I wish I could just slow down time just enough for me to catch up with it! Everywhere I look there is something to be done, many little jobs, some more important than others, but nevertheless they all need doing. I keep telling myself to concentrate (yes I talk to myself!! But that's I whole different story!) on one thing at a time but then the time runs out and something else pops up that needs doing immediately and the other job I was doing remains half done!! I know they are many of us out there swaying from one thing to another. Running from school to nursery, from washing machine to cooker, doing the shopping, the cleaning, trying to find the quiet times to encourage a reluctant 5 year old to read, the decorating of the bathroom that is long overdue and is turning into such a nightmare I'm beginning to wish we had never started.
And then there are the jobs that we create ourselves, no one told us to take on more allotment, no one told us to buy all the fruit bushes that were on offer and are now sitting outside our back door waiting to be planted into their new home. No one told us to order all the different varieties of tomato seeds that are now needing to be sown into their trays, which means finding the propagators and more importantly finding an area in the house that they can start their lives undisturbed by little hands! 
And I find myself when we finally sit down of an evening having to remind myself that all these extra jobs are ones that we have put upon ourselves, and the stresses that arise from them are stresses that we have created. And maybe life would run a little smoother and calmer if we didn't have all these extra pressures. And I realise that I am my own worst enemy. It was only me who agreed after a chance meeting, to go and see another local shop about supplying them with handmade bibs and possibly more. I could have quite easily said, "Thank you very much, but I'm not sure I have the time at the moment", and yet those words never came out!! Instead my head was whirling with possibilities, these chances don't come up everyday let alone appear right in front of you, when you least expect it. So I have to remind myself to remember that all these stresses and pressures and all the extra hobbies that we have are what make us. 
Mr D and I wouldn't be the same without these extra activities. The fact that we grow some of our own vegetables moulds who we are and changes what we believe in. The fact that I sew changes the way I see things. Someday I will have more time and as much as I find myself longing for these extra hours I know that they will come soon enough, and that right now I need to enjoy the busyness and lack of time that young children bring. 
And yes I am going to blog this post without photos as it means that I get this finished, as I have a kitchen full of shopping to put away, cooking of apple muffins to be done with #2 in the hour I have before picking #1 up from school!! So I must go and carry on running around, and unfortunately for now I think I'm just going to have except the fact that I have a hundred and one things that need doing!