Thursday, 28 July 2011

Non Stop

I've been a wee bit quiet around here of late, but that doesn't mean I haven't got things to share with you, oh no quite the contrary, I just haven't had a moment to spare, every second I can find I've been busy sewing. I'm not complaining as the interest in 'a crafty hen' has been amazing, but I am looking forward to slowing down now that the summer holidays are upon us, and to take stock of how my little business is growing and where exactly I want to take it.

I had a great time at our pre-schools summer fair at the weekend. And I'm pleased that all the hard work and late nights were worth it. It's not just the making of the items that takes time, it's the little things like printing off labels, threading ribbon through them all, attaching them to the item that takes time. Then there is the display to work out and the props to find, all this equates to my OH having to cook of an evening and me still sorting it all out at midnight!! I'm beginning to realise that behind all good businesses there is a very supportive partner, in my case a very understanding, if a little neglected husband! Of course if I could convince my youngest to go back to having a nap in the day it wouldn't be so bad, but unfortunately nap time seems to definitely be a thing of the past so if I'm to continue at this pace it looks like I'll have to get use to late nights!

So I'm looking forward to catching up on some sleep over the holidays and hopefully once I have worked through the commissions I have, some family sewing. And then there are the blog posts I want to write and the camping trips to plan and the days out at the beach, I have a feeling that the next five weeks are going to zoom by!