Monday, 11 April 2011

Infectious Enthusiasm

Do you ever get caught up in other peoples enthusiasm and before you know it find yourself agreeing to things that if you had any sense you would say no to!
Well after phoning to enquire about putting my name down for a Christmas craft fair (yes, I really was thinking that far ahead!) I found myself signing up for a craft fair that was to happen in 2 weeks time. It wasn't until I was telling Mr D and a friend all about it and seeing the look of horror on their faces that the realisation of what I had agreed to started to dawn on me. How an earth was I going to be able to sew enough stock in 14 days to fill a 6ft table!!

Well let's just say a very helpful and patient husband helps and plenty of sleepless nights! It's quite surprising what you can achieve when focused and somewhat stressed! I don't recommend it though. Trying to create a stall worth of stock in such little time as well as looking after 3 young kids it's quite hard work!

But standing there on Saturday behind my stall and making my first sale which luckily wasn't my last, all the lack of sleep, nerves and stress seemed worth it. And to be quite honest I felt very proud of myself. I had a good morning though the fair went quiet in the afternoon, I think the warm sunshine probably had a lot to do with that. I had a very positive reaction from both buyers and other stall holders so the event has certainly not put me off doing another one.

 I now have some good stock which I can 'slowly' add to! I have been loading some of my new stock to my new on-line shop
a crafty hen where I will be selling items I make using new fabrics. But for now we have the Easter holidays to attend to, a house that needs spring cleaning due to hardly any house work having been done in the last two weeks and my mum coming to stay, so I best go and get the hoover out!