Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Nose Dived

It started on a high.
Christmas day was excellent, with 2 very excited boys who got everything I think that their minds could have hoped for!

It was a day spent in pj's, with not a care in the world. Even the turkey dinner went down without any major mishaps. J ate his way through a mound of cabbage declaring it to be the best thing he'd ever tasted!!! And A ate his way through a jar of cranberry sauce, well he would have if been allowed!!

Boxing Day continued in high spirits, with the boys choosing again to stay in pj's, this time spiderman pjs, a xmas present from my sister.

So far so good.
But then it nose dived. Holidays and illnesses go hand in hand in this house, so it came as no surprise when we started to fall!

The last couple of days have been spent visiting doctors, resulting in Mr D on antibiotics and 2 emergency appointments at different dentists across the region resulting in myself now being on penicillin . Not much fun for any of us. Though it is surprising how the boys can even find entertainment in a waiting room!!!
But finally this afternoon we've managed to get the caged animals out the house and to blow away the cobwebs with a walk in the woods and with a day out planned tomorrow,
I think we are finally on the mend!

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  1. poor you, not a great way to start 2010! hope you're all on the mend now x