Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Time to Decorate!

I'm really very excited about Christmas this year.
The boys excitement is certainly catching and I can't wait for our 1 year old to see all the lights and 'sparkley's' that Christmas offers! 
All this anticipation has got me busy sewing, not the i-pod case promised for Mr D, or the skirt and trousers planned for #3, not even the stockings that need to be ready to be hung, oh no I've been busy making decorations!

Whilst making my 'Hidden Trees'  my mind has been whirling with other ideas using the same concept as 'stacking trees'. And with Christmas nearly upon us it seemed only natural to create a hanging tree decoration.

I've had so much fun going through my fabric stash and pulling out 'festive' fabrics that I now have a work top full of mini trees ready to be finished!

I've enjoyed mixing vintage fabrics with linen,

finding all my red fabrics, and being surprised at how many I have!
These so remind me of toadstools, which again has set my mind racing but I've capped it for now, though my sketch book is getting full!

 I must say I'm in love with this blue set and are going to make some for our house. 
What I haven't enjoyed lately is trying to get a decent photo of them. I've brought white boards, had Mr D helping by holding boards up trying to diffuse the light, been traipsing all over the garden to find an area in full sun but without any shadows, been fretting and then being told to calm down and get a grip!!

The light has been terrible and it does make me realise why it would be worth getting prepared for Christmas in the summer. Which is definitely another lesson in crafting learnt!
All sets of  Hanging Tree Christmas Decorations are now available in my Folksy shop!


  1. So so pretty- I do think you make such lovely chirpy things xx

  2. Love these! And I hear you on the photos, it's so difficult at the moment! I'm also working on Christmas decs, my kids are already so excited that I'm in the Christmas spirit super early this year!

  3. So gorgeous - you have such lovely fabrics. I need to get a move on clearly - many Christmas idea still floating in my head, x

  4. These are lovely. Such a clever idea. I really need to get my mind thinking in the Christmas direction. Juliex

  5. i do so love homemade things on the tree. Every year we always sit down as a family a make up a batch of paper chains to put up around the house, so much nicer then the foil stuff x

  6. They are great, really bright and pretty. Know exactly what you mean about the light and photos, I promised myself last year I would complete and photograph all Winter product samples in Summer but here I am frantically sewing Ballet Mice...the best laid plans and all that!

    Think the photos look fine BTW. Bethx

  7. These are great! I liked them so much that I featured them on my blog,