Thursday, 25 November 2010

I'm no Super Mum!

I'm sat surrounded my all three children due to #1 being off school ill. Unfortunately both him and his younger sister have upset stomachs so it doesn't look like we are going anywhere today. The place is a mess with toys everywhere, I feel like I've got 3 extra shadows and quite frankly I have forgotten how exhausting it is having three young children at home all day. However upset #1's stomach maybe (and believe me it's awful!) on the face of it he seems fine. It certainly doesn't seem to have affected his voice and his constant list of demands. But I am no super-mum, or even an octopus and he is beginning to realise that not treated right I can be just as stern as his teacher! 

But this week is no where near as emotionally draining as last week, which quite frankly was a week to forget and just as I thought it couldn't get any worse I realised mid way through Friday morning that the black Tahitian pearl that sits proudly on my engagement ring was missing. Well as I'm sure you can imagine, Madame here who was already an emotional mess rather lost it, and started wailing and turning the house upside down, much to the puzzlement of my 3 year old who found it all strangely exciting as he loves a good treasure hunt! And quickly got his magnifying glass! Miraculously, after calming myself down, I re-traced my footsteps and found it amongst tissues in my coat pocket!! It is now at the jewellers, and I've got my fingers crossed that it will come back as good as new as they have warned me that it needs to be drilled there is a chance it may break. I am being positive (well trying) and believing that it will all be ok!

So after all that "excitement" with the ring I decided that Friday afternoon I must do something nice with #2 that didn't include watching his mummy cry!  He has been asking for awhile for a cape, but it's always at the wrong moment, either just before bed or just as we've about to leave the house to do the school run, so I suggested that we made him the cape that he wanted. After he got over the fact that I didn't have any purple fabric, as apparently all superheroes have purple capes, he settled on blue and then choose to have two circles on the back and did surprise me with his colour choices. He sat on my lap patiently while I used the sewing machine and it was a great quick project that we both got something out of. Though it wasn't until after we'd finished and I put it on him that I realise it looks like he has one big target on his back!  

Of course as soon as #1 saw it he wanted one and they decided that they wanted to go to the party Sunday as superheroes. Unfortunately in my usual forgetful manner, it wasn't until 5 minutes before we left the house that #1 reminded me that I hadn't done him a cape so not wanting to upset him I spent a hectic moment cutting and sewing and explaining that it wasn't possible in the time scale to sew the words "super hero" across the back! It wasn't until we were running to the party that I realised I had made the cape the same size as his younger brothers so it was in fact at least 4 inches to short! Oh well, as I said I'm no super mum and considering #1 took it off after 10 minutes on this occasion I really don't mind!


  1. Oh no! Sorry to read what a miserable time you've been having :( I love the cape though, I am in the middle of Superhero mice and unlike you I've taken the lazy option and ordered a cape for C for Christmas. I feel kind of bad for not making one, but never mind.

    I hope things improve and I have all my fingers crossed for your ring, amazing that you found the pearl, hope they can fix it OK.


  2. Blimey you've had quite a time lately. Glad you found the pearl, fingers crossed it can be repaired ok.
    Great capes - I'm impressed you knocked a second one up so quickly.
    Hope the little ones are better soon and you get a little tranquility back! x

  3. So glad you will be able to mend your ring- how horrible. My hubby lost his wedding ring once- it was gone for about a year and we had written off, when one day I found it in a carrier bag full of old bills and bank statements under the bed- weird! I was elated!

    The superhero cape looks super. Good work!

    Hope everyone's feeliung better soon


  4. poor you, your week has been worse than mine!

    cape looks great though!