Friday, 12 November 2010

Like A Girl In A Sweet Shop

We are lucky enough to have a quilting shop in our town, which from the fact that its often very difficult to move in there due to the amount of shoppers it's doing very well. I see it more as a "sewing" shop as it's the haberdashery section that excites me. I rarely look at the fabric which is very 'traditional' and mainly moda, for me it is the treasure trove that is passed all that tucked round the corner out the way. Delve into the shelves of ribbons and ric rac, baskets of threads and well quite frankly nearly everything that a sewer could need is there. And if like me, who acts like a child in a sweet shop, it's not often what I need that I buy it's often what I can't bear to not buy that I leave the shop with!

So armed with a list, I set foot in the 'sweet' shop on my lunch break, which gives me a chance to concentrate on what I'm looking for rather than worrying about what little fingers are up to. And who can blame them from wanting to touch all the trinkets of delights in there. 
So yes armed with my simple list of thread and ribbon, I left the shop with the above purchases! 
Quite refrained I thought!

One of the things that I have been struggling to find in there are some beads to go on some decorations that I'm making. The ones above unfortunately don't fit onto the thread I'm using, but just as I was beginning to think I was going to have to look online, Mr D reminded me that a bead shop had opened up in town. Now I'll admit that like many others, when it became common knowledge that this prime empty shop was to open selling beads, I wondered how on earth a bead shop was going to help our struggling high street. Surely a bakers or even a fishmongers would be more useful? So there I found myself somewhat begrudgingly standing in this sparse shop. But my thoughts of "why do we need a bead shop" soon disappeared when I noticed that the walls looked like they were glistening.

I even didn't flinch when being offered a loyalty card and found myself eagerly signing up! The shop reminded me of why I loved playing with beads as a young girl and of why when a student I use to make simple necklaces to sell to other students in exchange for drinks! I found myself thinking of attending a workshop that they hold there, better still arranging a bead party! I truly feel spellbound by the place, the beauty, colour and variety of the beads is amazing. 

I left the shop with more than enough beads and my head whirling with ideas of sewing projects that I can do, that give me an excuse to go back and buy more of the 'sweets' in the shop.
Why does our town need a bead shop? 
Surely every town needs one!


  1. Your beads look great, like little gems i cant wait to see some of the things that you make with your lovely finds x

  2. I love those strings of jewels - gorgeous colours. Our bead shop sadly closed down, I must confess I don't need any more as I have an ample stash, but I do miss going in and being tempted. Also all the haberdashery / fabric shops are gone too. I'm full of envy reading your post!

  3. OK so does this shop do mail order???

  4. I love the look of your purchases. WE have a bead shop too, altho' it is known as the bread shop in our house as when we first moved here John thought that's what it was and was gutted to discover it sold beads instead. I have to restrict my visits as it's so tempting. Juliex

  5. Ohh love those glass beads! I'm quite jealous as there's not a lot crafty in our local town so I relay entirely on the internet. Still manage to spend too much though - lol!

    Can't wait so wee what you're making. Bethx