Thursday, 4 November 2010

The colours of Autumn

Halloween has not passed us by this year without leaving its mark. 
Our kitchen table has become home to an ever growing collection of pumpkins, in all shapes and sizes.

I'd love to be able to tell you that we grew them all, but that would be stretching the truth somewhat!
I think seeing these wonderful coloured squashes everyday has started to influence me in my shopping,

I couldn't resist this hand knitted cushion that sits on the sofa looking like one huge over grown pumpkin!

Or these vintage fabrics, reflecting the colours of Autumn,

I'm even enjoying the fallen leaves that cover our lawn. Unlike Mr D who is trying very hard to keep on top of collecting them up. The brightness that they bring lights the garden up, which is very welcome in the dull grey days we've been having of late.
So even though Halloween is over and the nights are drawing in I'm refusing to let go of Autumn and I'm not quite ready to admit that Christmas is just around the corner!


  1. I love all those interesting little pumpkins- it's a shame that they won't last forever!The cushion and the fabric are beautiful too- they really reflect the particularly fantastic vivid colours we have had this season. I hope your package made it OK xx

  2. Love the colours in this post and that collection of squash is amazing. Very much seasonal and beautiful. Bx

  3. Oh what gorgeous colours, I just love autumn - what an impressive pumpkin selection you have!

  4. I love those vintage finds of yours! Autumn colours are definitely one of my favorite ones... and that cushion would look pefect on my sofa too :]

  5. Your squash are fantastic...maybe they'll all be homegorown next year?! I love your fabrics too.
    I've really been enjoying the autumn colours as well and , like you, would much rather pretend that winter and Christmas aren't just around the corner. It seems far too soon. Juliex