Tuesday, 9 November 2010

46 days and counting!

The trouble with Halloween and Bonfire night being over is that you become very aware of what is just round the corner.

There's simply no hiding away from the fact that in 46 days time it will be Christmas day!

So I've decided to embrace the fact that in 46 DAYS time we will have wrapping paper all over the lounge floor! We will be tripping over more toys and that the boys will have already eaten too much chocolate.

In fact I've embraced it so much, that the boys already have a star that lights up hanging in their room. Well that and the fact that #2 made it impossible to leave the shop without it, and then once at home there was no way he was going to let me put it away until December. So for an easy life its up and shining, and I'm passing it off as a night light!

So if like me your starting to think of Christmas, and are looking for some decorations for the festive season, then you might like to know that I have just listed two more sets of "Hidden Tree, Hidden Forest" in my shop.

 A more traditional set of five Gold and Green trees, and then a very "Granny Chic" set of five purple and blue trees, which I must say are my favourite so far and are definitely not just for Christmas!


  1. OOOh I love your retro trees, and I love your wallpaper in the backgound....do you mind me asking where it is from ? Have a great week x x x

  2. Hi, I have just found your lovely blog via teawagon tales and love your trees too xox

  3. Love the retro trees! You're right - there's no hiding the fact that Christmas is just round the corner!

  4. Thanks for your comments.
    Jane I was lucky enough to find three rolls of the wallpaper at my local "scrap store". There's some great vintage wallpaper on ebay at the moment, but saying that it's also going for some 'great' prices!
    Hope you find some you like soon.