Saturday, 23 October 2010

Happily Drowning in Vintage Fabric!

I'm having great fun sorting through my vintage fabric and putting prints together to make more Christmas Tree's.

My Christmas Forest is certainly growing and more sets will soon be available to buy in my Folksy shop

I've just added some more vintage baby bibs

I love this print but are quickly running out of the fabric, one of the draw backs of working with vintage fabric, though it makes the handmade item that bit more unique.

I'm really happy with this print. I've been searching for a vintage fabric that is suitable for a boy for quite awhile, and I think this is perfect. It certainty will add some retro vibe to any boys outfit.

I'm building up quite a selection of vintage bibs, that I think it's about time I tackle the storage buckets I was busy making for the boys when my machine broke. I'm quite nervous though as the fabric was obviously too thick that it did quite a bit of damage to my machine so I think a re-think is in order!
So it's back to the drawing board for me!


  1. I am loving your trees.
    Beautiful. Kxxxx

  2. The fabrics are gorgeous, I love the little forest! :) x