Saturday, 16 October 2010

Why Buy Handmade?

There can't be a better example of why I love buying handmade than this, Meet Mr Fox....
No wait,
before I introduce you to The Linen Cat's Mr Fox, let me show you why I buy handmade;

The first thing I did after opening the box was to call Mr D to come and take a look, the second thing was to grab my camera. The care and attention Beth has put into her packaging alone is amazing. Have you ever seen a mass produced item arrive so well packaged? Let's just say Mr Fox arrived in style!

And then there are the personal touches, the little extras that are well thought out,
and the ones that are, well quite frankly naughty!
Thanks Beth!

With the internet, and most crafters these days having blogs and twitter sites, it allows us to follow the whole design process through words and photos, it gives us a chance to "get" to know the makers, and this adds to why I find handmade items so special.
So without futher delay, let me introduce you to Mr Fox!

As soon as I discovered Beth's blog I knew that one day I would have to own something that she had made.
 I can relate to Beth, she crafts in between bringing up two young boys, grabbing every opportunity she can to sew, inbetween doing the school run and the daily chores, I know the limitations of that, the frustrations that it brings. And all of this adds to the story that lies behind her handmade creations. I find her posts of how she works fascinating, I've seen photos of nearly ever stage of my Mr Fox being made and this helps make him special.

It is clear to see the dedication Beth puts into her work. The quality is amazing, everything is so perfect, so well thought out, so well designed. Even his cravat is a liberty lawn print and is ever so soft, and makes him look so dapper! Her dedication to detail is just fantastic.

So why buy handmade, well because the item you buy is unique.
No two Foxes will quite be the same, yes they have the same outfits, matching cravats, but they are different for the fact that they have hand sewn features. Their hand stitched noses give them their own personality that is unique. So I urge you if your not familiar with Beth's work go take a look at The Linen Cat  you won't be disappointed.
For now "my" Mr Fox, is going to stay in his home, in his very posh box as he is  #3's Christmas present from Father Christmas, (Santa has very fine taste!) so less of "my" Mr Fox, more of my daughter's Mr Fox, but at least I have a linen bird to call my own!


  1. mr fox is just so handsome - i want to add him to my xmas list!

  2. He is gorgeous, yes very dapper! Just had a look at Linen Cat such wonderful creations. Yes, I too may have to add him to a xmas list! Thanks for sharing Lou x

  3. I can totally understand why you fell in love with Mr Fox. I think he will be much appreciated at Christmas! M. XXXXX

  4. Thank you soooo much for such lovely words, I am smiling a lot after reading your post; so very pleased you like him so much I am a little bit in love with each Fox (as you know) so I'm especially happy he's gone to such a great home.

    Thanks Jenny. Bethx

  5. Gosh how smart is that Mr Fox?

    To be honest this is the reason why I mainly buy handmade most of the time - it's those little touches that makes all the difference.

    take care,

    Nina xxx

  6. Oh he is very fine - I hope santa bring me a Mr Fox.