Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Autumnal delights!

Autumn you have truly blessed us, with the most gorgeous sunny days of late.

Days so bright and crisp, perfect for learning to ride a bike. 
You have shown us such beautiful light and the most spectacular Autumnal colours.

Days so sunny that we have managed to harvest yet another picking of runner and green beans, and a good harvest of borlotti beans. Your rays of sunshine have helped ripen our tomatoes and we even have a few cucumbers in the greenhouse ready for picking.

Days so dry and warm that we found ourselves playing on a deserted beach, paddling in the warm, yes warm shallows!

We have spent days foraging, the last blackberries, the apples that fall to the ground like heavy jewels, destined to become fillings for pies and crumbles.

And maybe best of all has got to be the afternoons spent sitting by the back door in the last heat of the day, teaching eager hands how to use a nut cracker to get into the nuts of our sweet small harvest of hazelnuts.
For all of this and more I thank you Autumn.
Please don't leave us, not for a while anyway!


  1. Lucky you on that empty beach - I'm very envious!
    I love autumn, it seems to go too quickly though. We had our first frost last night - boy it felt wintery this morning as we went to the allotment to get our pumpkin. Please, just a few more sunny days... x

  2. Your weather looks fantastic. We've been having wind and rain but toady is sunny, tho' very cold, and we have been out making the most of it. Definitely to be treasured, as you say. Juliex