Monday, 27 September 2010

Singer Sadness!

I've been at a bit of a loss the last few days, due partially to #2 starting pre-school and partially down to the fact that my sewing machine has been at the menders since last Tuesday.
It's the first time I've not had my machine for a couple of years and it's made me realise how much sewing has become a large part of my life.

It all started a week last Friday!
I knew that the prospect of having a day to myself sewing was going to be impossible in reality. But I grabbed the opportunity as sewing time has been non-existent recently, and the day started well with Mr D doing the school run and taking the two younger ones in tow. So I got going on one of the most pointless of projects that I had knocking around. Why I didn't put the dog to one side to concentrate on more important things I don't know. But I wanted to get the dog sewn up which I promptly did and then spent a ridiculous amount of time making a decision on his eyes (which I don't like now as I think he looks more like a non prickly hedgehog crossed with a womble than a dog) in which time the "tribe" had returned home. 

So peace was shattered as #2 on being asked to leave mummy alone upstairs, did in his usual manner the complete opposite and I promptly found him at my side refusing to leave the room! Now I should be very grateful that someone enjoys my company so much that they want to be joined at my hip, but occasionally it becomes rather suffocating and this was definitely one of those moments!
Anyhow throughout the day I persisted and eventually got round to the task in hand of sorting out our lack of storage. It's been something I've been meaning to get done for about the last 18 months and I really don't want any more plastic containers in the house and I can't bring myself to buy fabric storage buckets when I know full well that I can make them myself. So with fabric selected and cut I began sewing with #2 watching my every move! Now this is where it turned nasty!

As I had my doubts that the my machine would get through the layers of thick fabric and as it wined then started to make a knocking sound I started to curse the little onlooker who had insisted that the fabric bucket should have handles! Well let's just say the birds nest of thread was a good one and after clearing it out I'd somehow managed to affect the feed dogs and the tension both which I couldn't put right. So after much huffing and puffing, cursing and sighing I resigned myself to the fact that I needed someone who knew what they are doing to look at it. Unfortunately we don't have a menders in town but the local quilt shop does run a service where someone comes in once a week and picks up any machines needing a service or mending, takes them away to return them hopefully fixed the following week. So fingers crossed tomorrow I should have my machine back, oh it will be good to have the rather heavy I must say work horse back! And this time I think I'll pay her a little more respect!

In the meantime it's been hard not to notice that Autumn is here, we even woke to our first frost at the weekend, and the sunshine we've been experiencing in the days has meant we've got some very needed clearing done in the garden, and rather than Mr D occupying the kids whilst I sew he has had a chance to get some wood cut, so I don't think it'll be long before we light our first fire of the season.

Right now in the anticipation of some sewing happening tomorrow I'm off to clear my work space, and make room for my very missed friend!


  1. I love the hedgehog-dog! So sweet!!
    Sorry about the sewing machine, lets hope it comes back renewed and ready to go!

  2. Fingers crossed for your sewing machine though I do love Mr Hedgehog - Womble eyes and all.

    Nina xxx