Monday, 11 October 2010

The Next Chapter

Our little girl turned one over the weekend. 
Her first year has flown by and she has quickly become her own person with a lovely cheery character, a great chuckle and a tremendous high pitch squeal, especially when sticking up for herself amongst her brothers! 

 She has made our family feel complete, (at reading this my mum is probably breathing a huge sigh of relief!) so amongst all the celebrations I can't help but feel a sense of sorrow, a feeling of an ending of an era, the realisation that the "baby" period is behind us. I'm excited at the thought of the future, at being able to watch my children grow, change and blossom. Though I try not to think too far ahead as to be honest I find it all a bit scary and a tad daunting.

{#2 trying to splat gnats! }

For now I'm concentrating on trying to learn how to find a nice balance of keeping three very different individuals, an artistic and very emotional 5 year old, a "wild" free spirited 3 year old, and a strong minded one year old, who seems to think she can do anything her brothers can do, happy and content. 

 So Happy 1st Birthday my little one, 
I'm sure you'll grow out of turning the TV off every time your brothers are trying to watch something they enjoy, 
the need to sample the cat's biscuits before emptying the entire contents of the bowl over the kitchen floor,
and the fascination you have with the potty!

Well let's hope so!!!


  1. I love the photos of your family! They are full of joy and love. I really mean it. Give them a big hug to each of them, and a special one to your baby ;)

  2. This is a lovely post. Your family is wonderful and I'm sure your little one year old is going to grow into quite a character. Juliex

  3. my baby girl will be one in a few days time - she is my first so maybe the baby days aren't behind us yet!! She looks very strong and active, I guess that's what happens when you have older brothers to copy and chase around. My little one isn't even crawling yet, although she does shuffle around backwards! You have a lovely family - making me broody again :)

  4. Happy 1st Birthday! My #3 has just turned 2yrs last week. I so understand that balancing act between very different children who require different parenting styles. the joys & challenges eh. What fun we have! Jacs x