Thursday, 9 September 2010

A vintage brain shared!

It comes in very handy that Mr D and I have similar taste in things or as some would say, "share the same brain"! As it means that I'm safe in the knowledge that when Mr D is wandering through the market past our favourite stall upon spying this vintage curtain he knows without a doubt that the only possible thing for him to do next would be to buy the curtain for his fabric obsessed wife that was at work.

 You could even go as far as to call him "well trained", like on Sunday when he took #3 out for a drive to help settle her, on stumbling across 6 cars parked on the moors having a car boot in the Devon drizzle, he was able to spot this retro braid poking out of a pile of boxes on someone's stall. 

 This 'sharing a brain' also means when thrifting it's possible to know the items that each other won't like or will find funny or even just odd and need to be investigated further! It also means that when we wander around a car boot Mr D knows without the need of speech which boots of 'junk' I will need to rummage through.

 So when I spotted these two lovely vintage aprons and this rather special Egersund ceramic lidded pot he knew that the best thing for him to do was to stop, hand out the refreshments to the kids and make room in the pushchair for 'mummies' new purchases!

I will just add that it works both ways and I have quickly learnt that upon coming across a stall full of old tools that my best bet is to find somewhere comfortable to take a breather as it could be sometime before Mr D finishes his bargain hunting!! 


  1. Oh you are lucky! Sadly me and M don't always fact we often disagree so I have to fight a little for the things I like.

    Love all your finds, especially the vintage aprons and ceramic pot, lovely.


  2. That's so lucky! My husband is likely to spot that I would want to visit a stall/shop and then drag me past so I don't have time to see/ buy anything! Oh well.

    Love your finds, expecially the little ceramic jar, it's so cute! :) x

  3. You are very lucky, even after 15 years my other half wouldn't know a great find if he fell over it :) Love the ceramic jar and the fabric too.

  4. Love your finds, especially the little pot!