Monday, 13 September 2010

A shop keepers Dilemma!

After getting off to a flying start with my Folksy shop, with 2 quick sales, it has rather slowed down. 
Though I keep telling myself that I need to be patient, I have also been doing some thinking, especially after reading the blog posts on Folksy, which I have found been incredibly informative and useful.

So I have decided to rename my shop! Even though when I set up my Folksy account, I read that you can't change your user name, I rushed into doing it and after setting it up decided I didn't like it and named my shop something different. But even I find it confusing having, sew obsessed as my blog, Sewn Vintage as my shop name, and sew vintage obsessed as my user name, so I have decided to change the name of my Folksy shop to the same as the user name, "Sew Vintage Obsessed", phew!!

 I have been busy adding to my shop, in between trying to settle back into our school routine.

Though it'll be all change again next week, when my middle child starts pre-school. He becomes 3 in a weeks time, and he will start to have his own routine, his own "life" out of home, some independence and without being aware of it, he'll start to carve his own way in the world. And what a big world it is for a little 3 year old. At the moment any talk of pre-school results in a shout of "I'm not going" and he has such a strong character that part of me thinks that if that's what he says, that'll be what happens, but I'm pretty sure that once he gets there he will be fine.

As for this week, I'm determined to make the most of him being 2!! And watching him rule the roost whilst his older brother is out at school. It's lovely to watch him play with his sister, who even though is only 10mths old loves to get involved.
So all of this means that I definitely need to get over my new found obsession of checking how many views each item on Folksy has had!! Very sad I know, but unfortunately very true!!


  1. That sounds like a very logical decision. Your fabrics are beautiful. I've so got over checking my folksy account that I've just realised loads of things have been de-listed! Oops, I had been more-or-less deliberately ignoring it as I have quite a few things to add and wanted to wait until I had the time to do that properly, but I hadn't planned to neglect it that much!
    Good luck with nursery next week! Juliex

  2. thank you bunches for linking up with me at LH :)
    I'm glad I found your site. I'm bookmarking it. You have adorable items here!

  3. the things you've made for your shop are lovely!

    thanks for your sweet comments on my sewing from the Japanese craft books, i would say they would be a little tricky for someone who hasn't made clothes before, but then i'm only self taught & the books are easy enough to 'muddle through' i'm sure there are a few bits i've not done quite 'right' but it all seems to work out in the end, the really hard part has been not to rush it, as i normally zoom through a project as i'm so keen to get my hands on the end product

    hope that helps -


  4. Your fabrics are gorgeous . . . .

  5. I have a friend who has bought one of the bibs and burp cloths for her new Grand daughter. She says that they are very soft and beautifully made. Well done! Let's hope that you make lots more sales on Folksy.

  6. Hello, I guess you and I have been paired if your interested in swapping magazines with me I would love it!
    My email is
    and what type of magazines are you interested in?
    I have lots of decorating ones!

    I'm off to check out your lovely blog now.

  7. Hello I have just discovered your blog, via Flora & Purl. Such beautiful fabric and designs. I've just got myself a cuppa, so I'm gonna settle down for a read. lou x