Sunday, 19 September 2010

A Butterfly Cycle

I'm feeling old!
My middle child has turned 3, and I'm left wondering were does the time go? That and how are we going to top this birthday next year! As today we have had the great pleasure of making his dreams come true! His favourite animals are meercats, butterflies and otters, so to be able to take him to see 2 out of his 3 favourite things was just amazing. And amazing it really was.
The otters didn't disappoint, especially as we got there at feeding time.

He's one even doing a meerkat impression! 
Look at those teeth, maybe their not as cute as they look! But it was the butterflies that stole the day.

Everyone of them as stunning as the next.

The boys loved the fact that they could get so close, and the heat and plants made it into a great exploring game.

But for me it was the chrysalis and the butterflies emerging out of them that I found so amazing.

They looked like shells found on an exotic beach,

Or some gorgeous handmade beads.

To see the whole cycle was incredible. And when I say the whole cycle I do mean the whole cycle!

Which seems somewhat fitting, seeing as this time 3 years ago, our second son was born, and what a character he has turned out to be. Mr Arl, you make us smile, you bring tears to my eyes when laughing with you, you give the most amazing hugs for someone so small, but my gowd you make us go bananas.
Happy Birthday xxx


  1. happy birthday to him- looks like he had an amazing time!

  2. Happy Birthday! My youngest son Rufus will be 3 next sunday. He too is into all things nature, but unfortunately tigers & lions are his fav's (not too many of those round here!). He is the smile on my face daily, and he too gives the best hugs I have ever known. I dunno these 3 year old boys, rock! lou x

  3. Happy Birthday! Where did you go? It looks like Tropical Wings in South Woodham Ferrers, Essex! Emma :) PS working on B For...

  4. What a wonderful birthday treat! So pleased that you all had such a lovely time. It is hard to believe that A. is three already!! And that E. will soon be one! Where does the time fly?
    Love from P and M.XXXXX

  5. Beautiful butterflies and Happy Birthday to your little one.

    Nina xxx

  6. Oh happy Birthday, I'm so glad it was such a nice day.

    I LOVE the butterfly and chrysalis photos, they are amazing, really amazing, make me want to find out where our nearest butterfly house is!