Thursday, 2 September 2010

Looking for some "idees"

I guess there has to be a plus side to having your parents living in another country. For me one of the bonuses of my mum being in France is getting my hands on copies of "Marie Claire idees" and with my sister returning from a holiday there the other day it means I get to have a flick through the summer issue.

And as ever it's full of lot's of inspiration

Gorgeous uses of colour and fabrics

I especially love the little girls dress.

What about this fish for an idea of what to do with your bottle tops!

This picture has given me lots of ideas of how to make the map on the wall in the boys room more inspiring!!

And I want the globes,
and love these badges!

Even the recipes make me want to get baking, 
I've got plenty of courgettes I could use in this courgette and goat cheese bread,

But enough of this relaxing, flicking through magazines, I have a boys uniform that needs naming ready for the start of school on Monday!

If like me you love magazines, you may be interested in the magazine swap going on over at Troc, Broc and Recup, you have until September the 10th to sign up to what looks like a great simple enjoyable swap. 
I can't wait to see what magazine I end up with!


  1. lucky you, i love that magazine too, good luck for monday, George went back today to i had to do the label thing last weekend!

  2. So pleased that you have found the magazine useful; next one should be out soon. XXXXX

  3. Lovely images, the map one has great ideas for a boys room (ours are sharing at the moment in an attempt to make putting them to bed's not really working).

    Now, how to I persuade my Mum to move to France......:)

  4. Ohhhhh I'm always looking for new courgette recipes !! !!
    LOL and I 'wish' my Mother would move to another country . . . .