Monday, 31 May 2010

Car Boot Sunday

The warmer weather means our local car boot sales have started. So Sunday mornings can be spent mooching around looking for treasure! And I'm pleased to say that even though Mr D was convinced that all the good stuff would be gone, as it did take us what felt like hours to get out the house, on this occasion he was wrong!

We found a vintage wooden clothes airer

A seventies wooden cheese board,

 The couple who were selling these two items amazed us so much when they said they only wanted £1 for the two things, that we immediately offered to pay more!! But they insisted a pound was fair so eventually we agreed! Then there was the all important fabric find! And let's be honest the thrifting experience wouldn't be complete without a fabric buy!

Proof that the clothes airer will come in handy!

And with this old tonka bought for the boys, and that includes Mr D, who I think was a tad more excited about the buy than the boys, especially as it was another bargain at just £2. We all left the sale very contented. What a wonderful start to a day.


  1. Fantastic clothes airer! I keep picking up washing-related stuff - there seems to be an obsession developing...