Tuesday, 1 June 2010

A Bad Influence

If like me you really don't need any more fabric I advise you to look away now!
I've been debating whether to share this knowledge with you all or whether it would be better for everyone's bank balance if I kept quiet! You see the other day when I was innocently flicking round the internet I ended up here. Unfortunately the shop in question five valley designs is closing down which means that there is a sale on. A whopping 40% off everything. This includes many sewing and knitting patterns, books and fabric. So you can guess what happened next, well I just had to take a quick peek!

Well it would have been rude of me not to have helped clear the shop of stock!!

Most of the fabric in the shop is Amy Butler's. I'm a fan of her prints but I must say her "Love" range up until now has really past me by. But I do have a love of spots, so I couldn't resist buying these. There a great addition to my stash. The colours are fresh and bright, very spring like.

I also couldn't resist her Memento in Burgundy.

Oh and just in case I run out of projects on my to do list which isn't at all likely but you just never know I bought Amy Butler's barcelona skirt pattern. 
So as you can see, the internet can at times be a terrible influence on oneself, how dare it show me a fabric sale! 
And just in case you find looking at images of fabric slightly boring my boys thought they would make the photos more entertaining!

#1 "Mummy what are you doing", my response "taking photos of fabric", 
#1 "WHY?" followed quickly by "how boring" and that was that my little bit of peace was shattered and my innocent photos turned in to the following;

I'll leave it up to you to decide if the photos do indeed 
look more interesting with the help of my dear boys!

If I have been a bad influence on you, and you fancy having a look at five valleys their sale is on until the 30th June.


  1. You are a majorly bad influence as I have now added more to my stash and spent way too much on stuff thats not really needed!!!! Pics look great with the boys too!! Justine xx

  2. I love the fabrics but I love seeing the boys more!!!!!!

  3. Haha - you can *always* rely on kids to "help" out!!

    I am using all of my self-will *not* to click on that link because I am having to save for a bed, fridge, removal van etc etc etc that comes with an imminent move, but you are sooooo tempting me...

  4. You are a bad influence but in a really good way - just made my two purchases :-)

  5. Those fabrics are just too pretty!

    I saw a new Amy Butler knitting pattern book in Hobbycraft today, I resisted this time!

  6. It is indeed very naughty of you to share this info, I don't think I'll be able to resist, my husband will not be pleased!

    I just found your blog - so hello and thanks for the tip off!

  7. I love that second photo of your boys! My youngest daughter does the exact same pose as your eldest son whenever I point a camera in her direction!!