Tuesday, 11 May 2010

What wadding !?!

My playtime quilt top is finished, finally! 
In fact if I could only just make a decision on what fabric to use for the backing, oh and decide on a wadding I would have made better progress! I was going to use a plain fabric on the back, maybe pierce it with some of the fabrics used on the front but now I'm wondering whether to go for a patterned print to make the quilt reversible, so when the inevitable happens " is that some baby sick I spy" I can simply turn it over! 

As for wadding the pattern suggests "Fairfield Poly-fil Hi-Loft batting" but I don't think you can get this in the UK so I'm not sure what to use. I've only ever used a bamboo wadding which wouldn't be thick enough, my local quilt shop suggests a 4oz polyester, though they don't have any!! What a great help that was! At least the owner of the quilt looks pleased with it so far, if only she could  help her mummy with all these little dilemmas oh and have a nap occasionally, she may get a quilt to play with before she's walking! 


  1. The quilt top looks amazing and very effective though as to the wadding I couldn't say, but reversible sounds good.

    Hope you figure it out,

    Nina xx

  2. Oh the quilt is just adorable and a reversible quilt sounds even better! However, never having made a quilt before I couldn't even begin to help with the wadding dilemma, sorry!

  3. I used Hobbs Heirloom cotton wadding with mine- I really didn't want to use polyester, and it is very warm, but still nice and light. It's not that thick and scrunch though- but I haven't washed it yet so it might fluff up a bit then. Your piecing is beautiful well done! I would just get a really nice piece of bright patterned fabric for the back, so it's reversible, but no too much work! (soory about above- don't know what went wrong!)

  4. Thanks for the lovely comments and thanks MotherofPurl for the idea of Hobbs Heirloom Cotton wadding. I agree the thought of polyester doesn't thrill me either, so I'm going to go and have a look at Hobbs!
    Thanks again

  5. I have heard that hobbs Heirloom is really good but haven't tried it yet. I must admit that I have always avoided polyester and gone for bamboo. I love the quilt top. Its so pretty but not too pink. Juliex

  6. Hi, This looks great, I have used Hobbs Heirloom a few times and love it. There are 2 ladies who run my local quilt shop and both of them favour this when they make their own quilts so I take this as a good sign. I agree with Mother of Pearl - I would use one piece of fabric with a great pattern. Backs are a great way to use fabric that is too big and may get lost when cut up for piecing.