Tuesday, 25 May 2010

I'm busy blowing bubbles!

The gorgeous sunshine of the last few days has meant a lot of time spent outdoors.
The allotment is finally looking more productive and less like a plot of weeds. The garden has become an extension of our house with meal times being had outside and even the paddling pool has made an appearance. And my time has been spent blowing bubbles!

The boys are fascinated with bubbles and I can't blame them. 

Can you ever grow bored of blowing bubbles?

In our house the answer is clearly no!


  1. How lovely! I can picture you all in the garden chasing bubbles! What a charming pastime.

  2. Never - but I can get out of breath so I end up going all dizzy and funny headed!

    I love the last (reflection) picture,

    Nina xx