Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Lizzy House

Remember the ducks?
Well I thought it was about time I started cutting into them and finally make a play quilt for #3.
She could do with it right now, the way she rolls around on the floor, so before it's too late and is no longer needed I've been busy with the rotary cutter!

It's taken me a while to choose the forth fabric. I've finally settled on "Wild seed pods" by Carolyn Gavin and I'm pleased I did. The combination of pink and orange has grown on me the more I have worked with it and now I'm feeling really excited about how it's looking.

 This is only the second quilt I have attempted and will also be the largest. I am following a pattern for the play mat from Amy Butler's "little stitches for little ones." Its the first project I have tried out of the book and so far so good! I do however have to keep reminding myself that she uses a 1/2 inch seam allowance. I've got so use to using a 1/4 inch and I must say that a half inch does feel like an awful waste of fabric, though I guess that's just me being "fabric" stingy!!

I'm hoping to get a chance to finish the top of the quilt this weekend. Though all this sunshine is highlighting the many jobs that still need to be done in the garden and more importantly the allotment, so I do feel a little torn between working in the sun or sat at my sewing machine.

But I have a sneaky feeling that the ducks might just win!!


  1. Oh, it's wonderful - a great choice of fabrics. I love that seed pod one and funnily enough, I am using it in the quilt I'm currently working on which is also pink, brown and orange!

  2. i love it, those fabrics are all working really well together, but then i've always loved lizzy house fabrics,

  3. The fabrics look great together, it's going to be lovely once finished. The seam allowance comment mad me laugh, we were trained to leave 1 inch when cutting costumes (more for 'playing' with if things needed altering) and I struggle to even cut that back to 1/2 inch!

  4. Your fabric combinations work really well together - I'm not sure I'd have had the imagination to try that mix but I love it. I have problems going up to 1/2 inch seams too - I'd definitely struggle with 1 inch!