Wednesday, 28 April 2010

A Gourmet Mushroom!

I have been eagerly waiting for the postman to knock at the door for some time now. Every morning I have been checking almost stalking the poor postman for I have been waiting for a lovely prize to come all the way from Canada.

A while ago I stumbled across deedee9:14  a great design blog. I think it appeals to me as it features a lot of posts on vintage chairs and they are something that given more space and a lot more money I know I could quite easily become an obsessive collector of!

 Whilst I was taking a look around I happened to notice that they do monthly giveaways. Now normally I don't enter, I tend to have a "I never win" attitude but for some reason I was feeling very positive and thought what the hell. So I'm sure you can imagine my surprise a few days later when I read that I had won the April giveaway a pair of vintage wooden mushrooms from "hindsvik" who were sponsoring the giveaway and have an etsy shop selling vintage home decor and furniture.

 I must say I'm very taken with these little guys. I love the fact that they have flown over the Atlantic to get here, making them better travelled than I. There cracks give them aged beauty much like the wrinkles around my eyes!!  And I no longer have the opinion that I never win anything, in fact seeing as it's Wednesday maybe a should pop off and do the lotto.

Well you just never know, think of all those chairs I could buy!!

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  1. Oh Jenny, how lovely! I am so thrilled that you were lucky enough to win something. The mushrooms are great and I can understand why you are so taken with them. I think you know that I love all things wooden.In fact I have always thought that I would like to have worked with wood!
    Did you do the lotto?