Tuesday, 13 April 2010

A shock to the system!

A shock to the system was exactly what I got Saturday morning when I left my "tribe" to go back to work.
Now I can't really moan, or shouldn't, (well not much) as I'm only returning to work one day a week and I have the lovely knowledge that the kids are being looked after and having fun with Mr D.
Now this has only become possible due to our little baby reaching her 6 month milestone, this also came as quite a shock, I mean where does the time go? Of course 6 months means this;

The starting of solids and so far so good.
Now returning to work meant I had to think about something other than feeding and nappies and I must say my brain, or what is left of my brain since having kids is a little rusty to say the least, especially the memory part! So with my brain not quite co-operating even with the most simple of tasks and with the lack of sleep that we've been having lately, Saturday felt like a very long day, but what was amazing was the realisation of how much you can get done when you have no "little" distractions around! And just to make my first day back at work even more difficult the sun shone and shone making it the warmest day so far. How typical!
 So Sunday was declared beach day.

At this point I would love to tell you about how wonderful our day was, spent frolicking at the beach, but this couldn't be much further from the truth. Oh no! After a journey spent listening to a chorus of "are we there yet?" we made our way down to the beach like donkeys carrying what felt like everything but the kitchen sink to find the most gorgeous setting but also one of the most windiest. We managed to settle our rug on the sand without it flying away and we all sat there with our backs to the wind, looking enviously at the families who were snuggled in their beach tents!

We ate the obligatory "sand" sandwiches, made a few sandcastles and then had to admit after putting on all our extra clothing that we had with us and with cries of "can we go home" coming from the boys that the wind was freezing cold, a little reminder that it is still only early in the year. So we packed up and got blown back to the car! Not quite the day we had planned but at least it got us away from the chores at home, though Mr D and I did spend the drive home discussing what we could have got achieved at home in the garden! And for me it meant a whole weekend went by without time spent on my sewing machine. I think I'm going to have to get very organised if I'm to get much time to sew, and unfortunately organisation is not a strong point of mine!



  1. Work, eh? Who needs it! If I were to win the lottery I would give it up immediately!
    Lovely pictures of the beach, even if it didn't all go according to plan :)
    Your little one looks very pleased to be moving on to solids!

  2. Oh, its so hard to fit everything in. I completely understand you feeling torn about getting out with the family and getting some sewing/jobs done at home.

    Hope the solids are still going well, and work is OK this Saturday. I'm sure you'll get more back into the way of things after a week or two. Good luck. Juliex

  3. My parents live in Bigbury on Sea, it's ALWAYS windy!!