Monday, 15 March 2010

My Favourite Type of Washing!

After an unexpected blogging break due to our laptop deciding it'd had enough, we're back on-line.
It's been very strange not having a computer and internet access, it's made us realise how big apart of our life its become . How much we do on it and how much we take the instant information for granted.
Oh it's nice to be back!

I spent a lovely couple of hours over the weekend catching up with blogs I love to read.
Which makes me wonder what I've been up to over the last fortnight. Well on the craft front nothing much. Though I'm making the most of this gorgeous sunshine and getting some laundry done!

We survived a weekend away staying in a "Premier Inn" whilst visiting family. In fact we had a lot more sleep than we had envisaged with all five of us in one room. I got to shop at Ikea! A shopping "experience" which only happens twice a year so turns into 3 hours of shopping bliss or hell depending on which family member you are!!! It's a great chance to stock up on some well priced fabric.

I was really pleased with this flower fabric where the print is a lot smaller and the colours more subtle than a lot of  Ikea's usual prints.

I bought mainly utility fabric staying away from there bold prints well that was until I saw this;

I have no idea what I'll use it for as I can't imagine cutting it up. It's a large piece measuring 100 x 147 cm so really it needs to be hung, but as we don't have anywhere for it I guess it'll live in my fabric cupboard waiting for me to have a bolt of inspiration regarding its use!.

Well I'm off to ponder over what it can become.
Any ideas please let me know!!!


  1. Shopping at Ikea - I have to say I have never been - we live far too way out in the sticks! Maybe one day, maybe..........

    good to have you back,

    Nina x

  2. i love going to Ikea but my husband 'hates' it!
    lovely fabrics x

  3. Oh how I love Ikea! Except on a Saturday or any evening, blergh, too busy. I need to get in there early and shop whilst it's relatively quiet. Their fabrics are such good prices though aren't they?
    I love the fox fabric, perhaps a quilt?
    Good to have you back :)

  4. Yes, it is good that you are back!! Now I can keep up to date with all your goings on! Can't wait to see what the new materials will be used for! Love M.