Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Snail's pace

Sometimes I guess you just have to except that things go at a snail's pace.
This is definitely the case on the sewing front but that's ok at least we are no longer a household of zombie's!

One by one we've fallen like flies succumbing to yet another horrible bug.

No 1 started being sick Saturday night, I followed Monday quickly followed by #2 luckily at this point Mr D felt fine so did the nurses job, moping brows, changing sheets, emptying the sick bucket, but even though he felt sure he was built of stronger stuff he too crumbled and by Tuesday we were a family of casualties!

 Today I think we're on the up, #1 back at school and with Mr D back at work some normality has resumed.
School breaks up for Easter tomorrow and I'm so pleased. It's going to be nice to spend some time with my oldest boy who has grown incredibly in the last few months since starting school. Fingers crossed no more bugs follow him home tomorrow!

 I have managed to finish #3's bumper using the fabric I bought from fabricworm. It marks a turning point in her little life as we are going to move her from her moses basket to her cot. I'm really pleased with how the bumper has turned out. I couldn't decide at first what fabric to use on the back but eventually decided on using a spare pillowcase from Ikea, I think it breaks the bumper up nicely. I've made it with a envelope opening at the one end for ease of washing.
I just hope she likes it enough to except the change in sleeping arrangements as right now we could all do with a good night's sleep!


  1. Sorry to hear you've all been ill, it's such hard work when you have little ones ill, especially everyone at the same time.

    Were did the time go? I can't believe F is heading towards Summer, it only seems like yesterday he started school. I agree though, will be nice if it's a bug free Easter (touch wood!).

    I love the cot bumper, the colours look great together.

    Have a great Easter, Bethx

  2. This looks very professional! Hope E likes it. M. XXXXX

  3. Your cot bumper is beautiful. I do hope your baby adapts to sleeping in the cot. Its such a big milestone moving into a cot - I've always found to both good and bad emotionally, but more sleep is not to be undervalued. Good luck. Have a lovely easter and hope you all feel better. Juliex

  4. Beautiful fabric you have used there on the bumper! What a big moment, moving to a cot, they look so tiny when they first "upgrade" don't they? :)
    Sorry to hear about all the nasty bugs, hope they stay away now so you can enjoy a sickness-free easter break!

  5. Those nasty bugs...glad to hear your feeling better, it took me a week to get back to normal.

    Nina x