Saturday, 27 March 2010

Thrifted Crochet finds

It's surprising what you find when out running errands.
An innocent short cut through our local pannier market can lead to great treasures.

We had decided against going to a jumble today instead deciding to make the most of the first dry day for quite a while and take the boys out on their bikes. So I'd come to turns with the fact that they'd be no thrifting this weekend. But before the peddling could begin the butcher, and the bank needed to be visited and the quickest route is through the market just past a lovely stall which is like Pandora's box. 
Oh and how it didn't disappoint.

I was good girl and was reserved, though I'm beginning to regret it. Amongst the haberdashery there were hidden gems. I couldn't resist this crochet, still a work in progress which makes it feel even more precious.

I'm sure if yarn could talk it would have a tale to tell.
One day hopefully I'll have the skills to finish it.

The chocolate box full of threads couldn't be passed up especially once I noticed these four wooden spools.

And lets not forget this retro glass.

So all in all a very fruitful and enjoyable errand run!


  1. Thank you for your kind comment on my blog! And I too, am glad I found you! We originate from Somerset, and now live in Central Scotland. I soooooooooooooo miss the markets, there are no decent markets up here, and your treasures are wonderful!

    I used to go to a lovely street market when we lived in Wiltshire, after we got married, and used to find such bargains.

    As much as I love living here, I really miss the markets of England.

    Green Jeannie x

  2. What lovely finds! I envy you all the threads. When we moved here,I think I left all mine with one of our daughters!!!! Love M.

  3. what luck, some great finds there!

  4. That glass is a fantastic find. What a good start to your weekend. Juliex

  5. Very fruitful - I love these kinds of finds. Hope that makes sense, well rhymes at least??

    Nina x

  6. Lucky you! I miss all the local markets we used to have in Yorkshire, I haven't found any here in Kent, I don't seem to be all that lucky at the local charity shops either, perhaps I'm looking in the wrong places.

    Lovely finds.