Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Sticky Date Cake

Sometimes you stumble upon a recipe that you just have to share.
Oh how I wish I could pass you a piece of this cake, I'm sure they'd be enough to go around.

I've been meaning to give this recipe  ago ever since I saw it on the Hairy Bikers, and yesterday after convincing the boys that not all the cakes we make in this house need to be chocolate we set about gathering all the ingredients. And boy does it use some dried fruit.
 It really is a lovely simple recipe or would have been on a normal day. I think at this point I should rename the cake to "pause cake" or "cake with interruptions" as these names would be a lot more appropriate.

So with the fruit softened we have pause 1, nursing #3.
One full baby later we mix in the flours, but as the nursing took so long its already lunchtime and Mr D arrives home so pause 2.
Now unfortunately #1 whose at home with a nasty cough, takes a turn for the worst so we end up heading off to hospital so he can go on a nebulizer. So cake mixture is left sat in bowl alone in kitchen.
3 hours later we return home having narrowly avoided an overnight stay in hospital and luckily with #1 breathing improved to a mixture looking very sorry for itself. 

Now I'm not one for eating cake of an evening, I'm very much more an afternoon tea and cake girl, but once the smell of baking is wafting in the air and I remove the ("take all day") cake from the oven, I couldn't resist trying a piece even with Mr D commenting on the fact that we're about to have our tea!
Now if the day had gone according to plan and I'd had that first yummy warm piece in the afternoon I'd been very tempted to have some cream with it. But even eating it stood in the kitchen surrounded by dirty dishes and with tea cooking away on the stove it tasted delicious. So lovely and moist.

It was just what I needed after the afternoon we'd had, definitely a cake for mending the soul. And as quite a bit has already been eaten and with #2 declaring it takes like chocolate cake, I don't think it'll be around for long. 


  1. I do hope #1 is alright? What a scare.
    The cake looks stickily lovely! Yum!! I love dates.


  2. Enough now! You are making me hungry and I have no cake :( Sorry to read about your hospital visit and glad it all ended well-ish. Roll on healthy children (we have also had enough of nasty colds).


  3. Mmmmmmm....I love dates even the ones you get in posh boxes at Christmas though I do prefer the stick your hand in the bag and shovel as many into your mouth as you can - even better in a cake though!

    Nina x