Saturday, 27 February 2010


"Good things come in small packages", 
or should it be "good things come to those who wait"!
I've been struggling with following what really is (I guess) a simple pattern for a flexi frame purse. I do struggle when it comes to following instructions, at this point my hubby laughs!
No I do seem to have a mental block when following a pattern.

So much so, that after attempt one at a flexi frame coin purse I nearly gave up. This is attempt two, above and below made out of some vintage curtains


 I'm pleased with the fabric especially the lining.

but there's something about the overall purse that I'm not happy with and as it's a birthday present for my sister, I decide to have a third attempt! So with the pattern tossed to one side, I decided to simplify the shape and design. 
I've used one of my favorite echino prints and quilted it for extra puffiness!


And I'm happy with the end result! It's felt like a long process to get to something so simple.
But I think its simple shape is the making of it.

I've enjoyed using flexi frames. And as a small purse for coins or a little make up I think it works well.


Who would have thought something so small could give me such a headache!
Now with present given including some goodies to put inside I'm off to have a well earned glass of vino.
Have a happy weekend!


  1. Definitely worth it in the end, I love the Echino fabric, one of my favourites and I'd be pleased if someone gave to me as a gift.

    Hope the wine is going down well, sounds well deserved :)

  2. i agree, i think the change of shape makes the purse work much better, i really love it!

  3. It looks wonderful and I bet your glad you didn't give up? Third time lucky as they say, but I think your two other attempts are equally as lovely.