Friday, 19 February 2010


Not much has happened on the "sewing" front this week, what with the half term holidays.
But we did manage to get out of our pj's today and venture into town, even the hail and snow failed to stop us! And I'm so pleased we did as our charity shop finds today have got to be some of our best ever.
First they was this rather cute tin

And then just as we were leaving Mr D spotted this,


Not much on the outside, but when opened,

The best find for some time.


And when we asked how much it was as it hadn't been priced and they said a pound, yes one whole English pound, I couldn't open my purse quick enough! Even on the fabric front I came up trumps.

 An excellent shopping trip all round.


  1. Your local charity shop is waaaay cooler than mine, that owl salt and pepper thing is fantastic!! I love that cute tin too. Good finds!

  2. how lucky you were, i love it when you get some great finds like that!

  3. a £1!!!!!??? that's unbelievable. That is a seriously good find.

    They are so cool! x

  4. 'Oooohhhh' those owls are adorable - definitely trumps I'd say.

    Nina xx