Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Thrifted Tuesday

The sight of a large queue of people outside a village hall in a sleepy Devon village is probably quite a strange sight if the onlooker is unaware of the event that is about to unfold. There's the sly glances at each other as people eye up the competition, there's the sorting out of change so your all ready, the whispering that takes place as the doors are about to open, and then there's the stampede as the doors are finally flung open. So this was us on Sunday, at the very back of a queue waiting for the jumble to begin.

Now if you've never been to a jumble I urge you to try it just once as it's an experience worth seeing.
First plan your attack. It took a couple of goes for us to get it right. For me I head straight for the linens, this may all sound a tad o.t.t, but by the time we had paid our entrance fee, there was already people with their arms laden with jumble. These regulars are quick! It's also worth taking a few deep breathes in preparation before you enter.

Second forget your airs and graces!! The pushing and shoving takes a little getting used to, in general the older the person the worse their attack! But don't worry no-one takes offense its all in the name of jumble!
Thirdly just grab. We have come to the conclusion over the years that its better to buy and look later, at such low prices 20pence an item on Sunday you can afford this approach. Mr D and I have had quite a giggle in the past looking through each others purchases after the event over a cuppa in the sanity of our own home!

So if you ever find yourself with a spare hour at the weekend, give it ago its quite addictive.
Just remember the deep breathes and you can't go wrong.
At the end of the day it's for charity and you just never know what your going to find.


  1. When I left Devon (1988) I pretty much left visiting jumble sales too. I found a few at university, and none since. Here in France we have our braderies but that is a much more civilised affair, sadly.

    I would love to come and jostle with you at a jumble sale (for that patchwork teacosy, probably)!

  2. My granny used to have one of those grinding/grater thingies! Her's was blue! So cute! I do love a good jumble and a good boot sale - I wish my hubby shared the joy!

  3. Thanks for the reminder... I had many a happy hour as a child rummaging through piles of jumble and then returning home to wonder at my new treasures!
    Love Yvonne xx

  4. I love a good jumble sale as well, haven't been to one on ages, think I'll sharpen my elbows and see what's on our area!


  5. A good old fashioned jumble aren't they the best?? Though 'blimey' those little old ladies can't 'alf shove and how pointy are their elbows??! Nina xx

  6. Oh I'm soooo all over that tea-cosy! It rocks. Isn't it just amazing what fabrics pop up at jumble sales? It's the same with charity shops. I just can't get over what some people give away. Gawd bless 'em when they do though!
    x x x