Friday, 15 January 2010

Where does the time go?

It's Friday already!
Where has the week gone?

I asked myself that question this morning walking back from dropping off a very reluctant boy at school. I know the answer of course, the walking to and from school, nursing baby E nearly every 3 hours, the mounds of washing that a household of 5 create (it truly is shocking!) and then in between all the other daily chores there is the entertaining of a 2 year old who I'm desperately trying not to leave out.

This week really has been all about surviving,
I'm sure as the weeks go on we will get into a better routine and as J gets more use to school we will all become that little bit less stressed!
As for time spent on the sewing machine that right now is very limited but I did get half an hour yesterday and was hoping to be able to show you my latest project.

Unfortunately in my haste last night I left it out uncovered on my sewing table
and when I came to photograph it this morning I found it covered in muddy cat prints!
It really has been one of those weeks!

It's not just cats you have to be aware of!
Little fingers seem to love my sewing area as well!

Thank goodness it's the weekend!


  1. Oh dear, Jenny! What a week! Still, the materials look very tempting! I look forward to hearing what you are making next. X

  2. Hi Jenny! Lovely, lovely fabrics. You know, I am asking myself the same question did it get to be halway through the month already???? Very sweet photo of your little one!

  3. I love your fabrics and I'm always having weeks like those.

    They do get easier, honest - though two down at school for me now so just one left at home. I think everyone gets the guilts when you have more than one child.

    take care and have a wonderful weekend,

    Nina x

  4. looks like you have a fab space for sewing! (& a cheeky little cat)looking forward to seeing what you're sewing x