Monday, 11 January 2010

Can we go home yet?

I was so excited when the first snow flakes fell.
When everything turns white it becomes so magical.

The thought of building snowmen, having snowball fights,
seeing the boys faces full of wonder
it arouses your inner child

Oh how I've had enough!!!
Within seconds of the photo below being taken, I found myself saying
"I think it's time to go home now"

resulting in J crying.
"are you not freezing, it's so bitter" was my response!
how old do I sound, where has my inner child gone!!!

Saying that though once we got J in the car
the cold hit him and he spent the journey home
complaining of how much his fingers and toes hurt.

Sometimes parents do know best!


  1. Stunning to look at BUT!!!!!!!!!!

  2. beautiful pictures, but I'm bored of the snow now!! I'm sat here and I'm freezing, despite the fire roaring behind me!! x

  3. Your snowy pictures are amazing though I know how you feel about 'feeling' the cold. I'm like a little old lady wrapped up in every item I can squeeze into and that's in the Summer!!

    take care and hope you've warmed up?

    Nina x