Friday, 22 January 2010

Bring on the dribble!

I knew my collection of thrifted bedlinen would come in handy one day!

I pulled out some pretty Amy Butler fabric, a bit of
Anna Maria Horner, nothings to good for my little girl, right?!
Err wrong!
A quick glimpse at one gurgling baby and I put all my selected prints back in the cupboard and reached for my pile of charity shop bed linen!!
Now if I was to make bibs out of my favourite prints I know that I would end up being reluctant to use them, choosing probably to hang them up some where rather than see them covered in dribble, milk and eventually carrot puree!
Sad of me I know but sometimes the truth hurts!
Now these sheets on the other hand deserve to have pride of place rather than only being used to line bags and back quilts, so I decided they were just what I needed.

I've backed them with cotton flannel so they are lovely and soft
and have made them quite large so they should keep her clothes clean and dry.
So as soon as I've finished admiring the bibs (!!!)

Baby E will get a chance to wear them and the dribbling can begin!


  1. Jenny, these are lovely. I have a 2 month old granddaughter that could be using these right now.

  2. Great idea! Now you can make me an apron, please?! They look really pretty. Can we have a photo of E using one of the bibs?

  3. I think you've made relatively unappealing sheets into truly wonderful bibs - such a great idea! The way you choose and cut the fabric in that last one really works. What a lucky baby.

  4. wow! I love the bibs! Please can I have an apron too?!!! xx

  5. these are really cute, they were something i'd always planned to make & then never got round to it!

  6. Hh, ha! This made me laugh a lot, I would be exactly the same. Still, the bibs from sheets are gorgeous in their own right and great you can relax a bit more of they get covered in the inevitable mess!