Sunday, 17 January 2010

It's all about days like this

The weekend carried on where the week left off.
How many times do we need to tell J to leave his little brother alone, and with the rain pelting down we had an exhausting day as parents. So after a very frustrating Saturday Mr D and I plotted!
we needed space especially outdoor space and lots of it.
So come rain or shine we planned a day out.
And what a day.

We couldn't have planned it any better!
Household chores were forgotten, sewing plans were shelved.
Crazy to think last week we had snow.

The boys had space,
the sun shone, our first picnic of the year was eaten!
Does it get any better?

As I wandered off to the car to feed baby E
I looked down on the boys (that includes Mr D!)
and boy did I feel happy
and very pleased to be a mummy.


  1. So very pleased that you had such a lovely day on Sunday. I recognised the beach. We were there with Christine, Viv and Trev in November But, the rain was lashing down and we could hardly stand up in the wind!! What a difference!
    How great for the boys to have lots of space and fresh air! You and Mr D also!

  2. i got out with the family on sunday too, was so very lovely to see the sun!

  3. Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog! I am glad you said Hi because now I found your blog! This is quick I know..but I am sharing the love and I have given you a sunshine award! Just head over to my blog to pick it up!
    PS. I SO know that "need to get out of the house and get some space" feeling!

  4. Gorgeous photos, makes me really miss the ocean