Tuesday, 5 January 2010

A little distraction

I've been dreading today for days, weeks, months even years,
And I'm ever so happy today is over, even happier that today went OK.

Today J started school, it's been a big step for us, we feel that for J it's too much too soon, but he has taken it in his stride, in his own timid and nervous way and in his words "it went OK",
Well that's good enough for us. I feel so proud, he's growing up so fast and he's doing OK!!

Today bought more surprises. I actually got chance to turn on my sewing machine and start a project and wait for it............................finish it, in one day, amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Making this bag for J to take his PE kit to school in has been a great distraction for me.

J has loved the echino car print since the day it arrived in the post so it only felt right to use it for his bag. I like the thought of him having a little bit of his mummy's handmade with him at school, maybe when he's getting changed for PE and wondering what the hell school's all about this might bring him a little comfort.

As for the snow that too bought distractions.
A snowball fight on the walk home from school does wonders for tired school boys!


  1. i love the PE bag, really great choice of fabric, glad J's first day went well x

  2. I am very impressed, Jenny. Well done! The material is lovely. I'm not surprised that Jay likes it!

    The photograph of the snowy tree is gorgeous.