Friday, 19 April 2013

wishing of a summer wardrobe!

So the Easter holidays are over, kids have goon back to school this week and all in all I think we had a good break! We had some days out, even managed to get to the beach twice!! According to the kids the best thing about these trips were the ice creams, and I'd have to agree, I had a gooseberry fool ice cream that was simply delicious! Nothing like eating ice cream whilst trying to shelter on a freezing cold beach! We had lazy pyjama days and even got a lie in!
But did I get my job of sewing up stock for my shop done whilst it is closed? Of course not, lets just say that's still a work in progress, and my shops are still closed!
I did however manage to catch up on my blog reading, and really enjoyed Lou's post 'clothes' over on her 'little green shed' blog which is one of my favourite reads. I found myself nodding to what I was reading, and I agree whole heartily with Lou's clothing criteria which is;

* stylish
* cool
* well made (i.e. not going to fall apart after a few washes)
* timeless (I want to buy now and wear it still in 5 years time)
* not too young (I'm middle aged don't you know! and no using the word mutton)
* yet good for my low budget

So as I stood in front of my wardrobe this morning struggling to find something to wear, and thinking that it might be time to put the woolly jumpers to one side, oh yes the sun is out and there are signs of spring finally, I decided to do just as Lou had and create a
'summer wardrobe wish list!" So here goes, here's mine,

1.A pair of sandals, possibly Salt water, (oh yes I can't keep wearing my red DM boots! )
2.Short sleeved denim dress/tunic the sort of thing I can layer up or down
3.A mustard or green cardigan, to add some colour to my wardrobe
4.A pair of ankle skimmer trousers, love the look of the length of these, though I really struggle with buying trousers
5.Jersey dress to replace my people tree long sleeved jersey dress that has been a staple of my winter wardrobe
6.Failing the above a shirt dress

I don't think this is asking for too much!  Of course I would be quite happy with the clothes in the images above, aren't they just lovely.
I really like the look of the mustard tie jacket with the wide legged trousers, though unfortunately I don't think my budget will stretch to the £159 price tag of the jacket! So what is your clothing wish list for the summer? I would love to know! And any suggestions on where to shop online would be great too!

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  1. YAY well done... it's really hard to get really great simple yet stylish clothes now a days for our age group! I always fall back to Toast and end up buying last seasons in the sale. They are timeless and beautiful so it doesn't matter to me that it's not from the latest catalogue. Oh and I find a bright coloured bangle/scarf/necklace and give an old outfit a face lift! x