Sunday, 21 April 2013

Salt Water Crush

After my last post on 'my summer wardrobe wish list' I got into a conversation on twitter about salt water sandals, and how much I wanted a pair. It seems from listening to others that once you have a pair, you want another and another, and the recommendations just kept coming! My OH doesn't quite get me when it comes to these sandals, when he first saw me looking at them he thought I was joking when I said I wanted a pair, asking why would I want a pair of sandals that look like something my granny would wear! And I guess in a way he is right, there design is certainly not outrageous or even modern, but it is the comfort that interests me and the fact that they are made to be worn and lived in, loving water and even being able to be machine washed and when you have 3 active kids to keep up with, these are all very good reasons to want a pair! So the only problem was, what colour!!

My first choice was tan. I have a thing about tan coloured sandals, well the colour does go with everything! But then again maybe navy would be nice, at this point I was still getting such odd looks from my OH!! And then I showed him the patent yellow pair, now there is nothing 'granny' about these!

I hope I made the right decision. I couldn't quite make my mind up with the yellow, it wasn't the colour it was the 'patent' leather that I kept wondering about, for me these would be daring!!! So I decided that as long as my first pair turn out to be good these will be purchased as my second pair!!
So in the end I chose, well I do like a bit of green!

I can't wait for them to arrive, and really hope I like my colour choice. Yes I am useless when it comes to shoe shopping, partly as I can't afford to buy too many pairs of shoes and partly because shopping online for shoes is difficult due to the lack of trying before you buy and especially as salt water sandals are not a usual UK size so I have my fingers crossed that they turn out right and that I fall in love with these sandals as much as others seem to have! I will let you know!


  1. The saltwater bug will get us all! I have 4 pairs!! White, Navy, Red and that patent yellow! I am sure I will get the tan and the green one day too! There is also cerise pink, turquoise and orange! Oh my... one for every day of the week and some! x

  2. they really are as great as everyone says, i went for dark brown for my first pair & am now lusting after gold, navy or red {but having seen the green they have now been added to the list!} mine did take a week to break in but now they really feel as though they are part of my feet - sure you'll love them x

  3. Love the green! Still haven't treated myself to a pair but I'm sure it's just a matter or time...hope you love them even more in person! x

  4. I love salt water sandals so much! x

  5. I'm a big fan, but I have super wide feet and they aren't very flattering on me :( we used to have to wear 'indoor shoes' when I first went to secondary school and they HAD to have crepe soles, so it had to be 'Jesus sneakers' as they were known. seriously, every time we came indoors or out, we had to change our shoes. bonkers really. anyway, it has given me a love/hate relationship with this kind of style but I must say, the Salt Water version always looks rather splendid. Beth/thelinencat x