Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Lucky Winnings!

I'm not an avid fan of facebook, I tend to dapple a bit here and there, I have a personal page purely because I have to, to be able to have a business page on there, and I'm not the best at keeping my 'A Crafty Hen' page up-to-date. I guess it's a bit like this blog, I tend to come and go! I suppose a lot of it is depends on how busy I am with work, the busier I am the less I blog or update my facebook page. This Easter I decided to close my shops so I could concentrate on the kids and also try and get some of the pressing jobs around the house done. Also having a little bit more spare time has meant I've had a chance to catch up on blog reading and to also explore other people's pages on facebook and that's when I found Beetle Cherry's page full of her wonderful illustrations, and her giveaway. And what a giveaway, for liking and sharing her page which I would have happily done anyway, I got entered into her giveaway and really couldn't believe my luck when she said I had won!

And here it is, amongst the gifts are gorgeous cards, that I can't imagine parting with!!
A lovely wooden feather brooch, that I can't wait to wear, and a beautiful print of a girl Dressed up as a Red Indian, which will go on my daughters wall along with some other cards and prints that I've been collecting for her. Such an amazing and generous giveaway, I feel very lucky to have been sent it. You can find Beetle Cherry's gorgeous items in here shop here I am very tempted to get this print for my sons bedroom 'The Tiny Boat' so they don't feel left out!

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  1. Oh wow! That's a great giveaway to win, really beautiful work. I don't do FB for the shop, I don't think I'd be able to keep it up, I can only just manage the blog as it is, but then I am a bit rubbish at the moment. Hope you're week is off to a sunny start. Beth/thelinencat xx