Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Shop Talk

Summer holidays and sunshine has meant very little time spent in the house and plenty of time spent at the beach which has been a lovely start to the school holidays but has meant that my work has taken a back step, and at what is appearing to be a very busy time for me it has meant that my late night sewing sessions have become that bit longer. Thank goodness the mornings have been lazier than normal with no school runs to have to get up to.

'A Crafty Hen' has had it's first bit of publicity this month with a feature in Folksy's online magazine Frankly Shop Talk, Jennifer Parsons - A Crafty Hen I felt when writing it that I had gone back to college, as its been a long time since I had to write something other than snippets here on my blog! I was really pleased that Folksy asked me and have also been lucky to appear in their 'best sellers' list a few times lately.


{Please excuse the imagine I was hoping to somehow show a picture of the interview and using Instagram was the only way I could think to do it!}

I was also asked recently if I would mind being featured in a new blog Great British Family it's a lovely blog where they aim to showcase the best Great Britain has to offer for the family, a place to showcase the talents we have here in the UK aimed at families, particularly to show case designers, handmade artists and photographers.
I was really happy with the article they did on 'A Crafty Hen' .

So all in all it's been a good week for me and my 'little business'!
It's very exciting to watch it grow and to wonder where it will be in a couple of years!


  1. I've had a look at both sites - well done! I found the folksy article really useful. Goodness, I don't know how you manage it all! I'm lucky to get 2hrs sewing a week with my 2 toddlers & 1 teenager. The middle child starts nursery in September so I'm plotting and dreaming of what I could do then. Thanks for another peep into your lovely crafty world. Really inspiring.

  2. All fabulous news and well deserved! I love your products, just need more friends to have babies - ha ha! Bethx (the linen cat)