Monday, 16 July 2012

One Summers Day

I am sat here 10am on a Monday morning in July, I can hear the rain pouring down outside and I have the lights on as it is so dark and grey. I am dressed in jeans and a long sleeved top which wouldn't be out of place on a winter's day and I am surrounded by piles of laundry waiting for a dry day to get washed. The fact that it is mid way through July is crazy, doesn't bear thinking about. Only 2 more days until the boys break up from pre-school and school and the 'summer holidays' commence. So far the British Summer here in Devon has been awful, the wettest and dullest that I can remember, so it was amazing yesterday to wake not only to some sunshine but also to a weather forecast that showed no rain for the day! 
With a chance of a day without rain there was only one thing the family wanted to do and that was to head to the beach.

We can only hope that 'Summer' decides to appear again soon and we can get out and about a bit more. For my oldest it did make a lovely ending to what has been his Birthday week! He turned 7 on Wednesday. Seven I can't believe it, it seems so grown up. I have also noticed that turning 7 seems to mean that taking a photo of him has become very difficult, in fact quite rare! I can't quite decide whether it is because he rarely stays still or if he no longer thinks it's 'cool' to have his mum constantly taking pictures of him! Either way I feel his birthday passed by with only a few photo reminders but hopefully his memories will stay with him for a while well at least until his next birthday!

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